Vietnamese and an indulgent night with lovely companions

Oh it was another pleasant dinner out with Jean, David and Anna. 🙂

Seafood with oyster and soy sauce


Hungarian cakes and Italian gelato



Easter Feast

It was a five-hour-full-on preparation for a lunch party with 9 guests. I felt as if I was opening up an instant restaurant which was intense but fun at the same time. After all it was well received by the guests! The hard work finally paid off. 🙂

Sicilian recipes from
(You can search recipes by the name of each meal listed on this post)

First course:
Zucchini carpaccio with garlic crostini
Vegetable fritters


Main course:
Mediterranean roast vegetables
Italian vegetable salad (not pictured)
Cos, avocado and pine nut salad (not pictured)
Barbecued swordfish with salsa verde


Last course:
Caramelised figs with chocolate ricotta


Cooking time

Making pizza with vivid colour ingredients is always joyful for me. I believe the most beautiful colours in the world are the ones from nature.

1/2 capsicum of each green and red
6 button mushrooms
3 red hot chillies


2 fresh whole tomatoes
232g bocconcini
A few leaves fresh basil


Some other ingredients that are not on the pics :
1/2 onion
Fresh rocket leaves

And all these ingredients turned out to be like this! Yum!